10 Animals That Hibernate

Hibernates for up to seven months during Madagascar’s dry season, with periods of warming and increased heart rate.

Fat-Tailed Dwarf Lemur

Brumate (a type of hibernation for reptiles) for three to four months by digging into the ground to conserve energy during winter.

Box Turtles

True hibernators, groundhogs can hibernate for up to five months, significantly lowering their heart rate, body temperature, and breathing.


The only bird known to hibernate for several months, reducing its metabolic rate and body temperature during harsh conditions.

Common Poorwill

Enter a state of torpor towards the end of autumn, building nests in leaves or under structures, and may wake up periodically.


Their hearts stop beating and a large portion of their bodies freeze during winter hibernation, thawing out in spring to resume activity.

Wood Frogs

Hibernate during extreme weather, using mucus to seal their shells, and can enter both summer estivation and winter dormancy for months.


Not true hibernators, but enter torpor in winter, staying mostly in their dens with lowered body functions and venturing out occasionally.


Undergo brumation with varying durations depending on the climate, becoming dormant but periodically emerging to hydrate.


Queen bumblebees hibernate underground through winter, emerging in spring to start new colonies, while worker bees and old queens die off.


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