10 Best Low-Light Indoor Plants to Brighten Up Your Home

Monstera adansonii makes your living space tropical. This tropical vining plant, sometimes known as Swiss cheese plant, has brilliant green, beautiful leaves.

Adanson's Monstera

Philodendron, a great low-light indoor plant, tolerates gloomy interiors. This vigorous vine grows best in hanging baskets or on tiny trellises or totems.


Pothos, sometimes mistaken with Philodendron, thrives in any room without full sun. This easy-care vining plant may be trained into a trellis or let fall over a hanging basket.


One of the greatest low-light indoor houseplants, parlor palm (Chamaedorea elegans) is a slow-growing Mexican native popular since the Victorian period.

Parlor Palm

The ZZ plant has tall, slightly arching stems with lustrous, dark green leaves (and a novel variation with near-black foliage). It's perfect for regular travelers.

ZZ Plant

Few houseplants have as many colorful leaves as Dieffenbachia. These lovely tropical plants have many yellow and green or white-and-green mottled leaves.


Aglaonema dominates houseplants. This houseplant's vivid green leaves can brighten even the darkest room, but you may also get red or pink variations.


Easy and graceful best describes peace lily. Tall, elegant branches hold pure white flower spathes from this low-light indoor plant. Even when not blooming, peace lily has beautiful green leaves.

Peace Lily

English ivy (Hedera helix) trailing foliage brings life to a drab environment in a hanging basket or urn. The low-light indoor plant English ivy has several leaf colors and forms.

English Ivy

Corn plants (Dracaena fragrans) enhance every space. Though unrelated, their large leaves resemble corn, thus the popular name. As the plant develops, the lowest leaves fade.

Corn Plant