10 Clever Ideas For Small Kitchen to Maximize Space

Streamline the Space

Because white reflects light, choosing an all-white kitchen may immediately make a room seem larger. The dazzling effect is maximized with smooth, fronts and a stove set in matching countertops.

Make Your Own Island

An island and dining area are combined into a counter-height work table in this compact kitchen designed by Corinne Mathern Studio. This kind of item is very easy to push against the wall or move out of the room

Paint Each Portion

To add depth, use three different tones of blue, like designer Garrow Kedigian did here. The lightest one's height is emphasized by stretching it to the ceiling, giving the room an airy sense.

Lighten Up

Choose a brighter tint for the upper part and a dark color for the lower half to ground a tiny kitchen without having it seem cave-like. This area is connected to the surrounding woodland

Paint the Floor

Designer painted an enormous glossy checkerboard pattern with included the floor to open up this kitchen. The bright, cheerful hues blend in well with the café curtain material.

Forego Hardware

To maintain a visually sleek appearance, exchange exposed hardware in favor of inset grooves or cutout handles.

Install a Set of Doors

Install pocket doors to conceal your kitchen's busiest wall when you're not cooking or cleaning, as suggested by designer. We like this concept for studio flats and open floor designs.

Cover the Clutter

Avoid the situation. In other words, cover up the filth with a sink skirt, much as in vintage English country kitchens.

Utilize Your Island

An island's hangout area may undoubtedly put in more effort. If you design it with cabinets rather than a single, large piece of wood, it's perfect for keeping seldom used stuff.

Choose a Happy Color

Add bold pendant lights to a tiny galley kitchen to make it seem less like a shadowy nook and more purposeful. This ombré pair attracts the eye upward and illuminates it from end to end.