10 of the best 50s hairstyles for a vintage feel

The Heavy Side Part

Lauren Bacall's big, bouncy curls epitomized elegance, achieved with a coiffed side part and quality curling tools like the Drybar Wrap Party Curling Iron.

The Marilyn

Marilyn Monroe's signature curls, often styled with rollers, remain iconic for their timeless allure and volume. 

The Short Curls

Ella Fitzgerald's finger-wave pixie cut defined elegance with its classic side part and short curls. 

The Side Parted Bob

Grace Kelly's loosely curled bob, elegantly swept to one side, exuded sophistication and charm. 

The Fringed Updo

Audrey Hepburn's updos, including victory rolls and a trademark fringe, showcased intricate vintage styling.

The Fringed Pixie Cut

Elizabeth Taylor's feathery pixie crop with a fringe highlighted her classic beauty and versatility. 

The Ponytail

Billie Holiday's glamorous ponytail, styled with bouncy curls, offered a timeless yet practical elegance. 

The Vintage Bob

Lily Collins' rounded-end bob captured old Hollywood glamour with its sophisticated simplicity. 

The Lifted Updo

Sandra Oh's elegant updo, featuring height and intricate detailing, reflected classic 50s sophistication. 

The Loose Waves

Sienna Miller's loose, beachy waves offer a modern twist on the classic 50s hairstyle, perfect for contemporary elegance with a vintage touch.