7 Best Calming Treats for Dogs That Need Some Relaxation

Kradle Calming Bliss Bars

Dr. Hammond's #1 recommendation for soothing dog treats is Kradle. "It incorporates natural ingredients such as passionflower and L-tryptophan [an amino acid

Greenies Calming Chews

The sole under-$20 product on our list is the Greenies chicken-flavored soothing supplement, which is also a widely available brand at mass merchants, pet stores, and supermarkets.

Purina Pro Plan Calming Care

This daily probiotic supplement is made by Purina specifically for dogs who exhibit signs of general anxiety, such as pacing, whirling, whining, and/or barking.

Vetri Science Composure Pro

Dr. Lippman trusts the brand Composure, and these chews are advertised as a means of calming a dog for a single stressful event that arises occasionally

Zesty Paws Calming Bites

This combination, which is designed for dogs between the ages of 8 weeks and 12 months, can be suitable for your hyperactive or nervous puppy. Along with other plant-based compounds

NaturVet Quiet Moments

If you want your dog to slumber in the car rather than bark out the window or to sleep soundly when guests are over for dinner, this melatonin treat might be just what you need.

Redbarn Bully Springs

These chews, according to a pet owner with an anxious Spaniel, are fantastic. "It's a vigorous chew experience, and he's always calm and happy afterward," they stated.