7 Best Celebrity-Inspired Highlights to Copy ASAP

Foil highlights, popularized by Gisele Bündchen, are traditional and versatile. They involve wrapping sections of hair in foil to apply color.

Foil Highlights

Balayage, or hair-painting, is a technique where color is applied only where the sun naturally hits the hair. 

Balayage Highlights

Babylights are delicate, fine highlights around the hairline and face, mimicking the sun-kissed look of childhood


Ombré highlights, exemplified by Joan Smalls, involve lightening the lower half of the hair while keeping the roots dark.

Ombré Highlights

Ribbon highlights are thin strips of contrasting color woven throughout the hair, adding depth and brightness to waves and curls. 

Ribbon Highlights

Lowlights add depth to one-tone hair by incorporating darker shades. Julianne Hough’s lowlights demonstrate how this technique can create a richer.


Sombré, short for subtle ombré, offers a softer, more blended version of ombré. Beyoncé’s sombré highlights show how this technique can add gentle brightness to darker hair

Sombré Highlights