7 Brown French Tip Nail Ideas for a Spin on a Classic

Chocolate French Tips

Start with a nude base and add arched tips using chocolate brown polish. Use French manicure stencil stickers for precision. Finish with a top coat for a polished look.

Silver Brown French Tips

Combine sheer nude base with brown French tips. Add silver accents using sparkly silver polish and a liner nail art brush for a touch of glam.

Skittle French Mani

Apply four different brown shades in a half-moon shape on coffin-shaped nails. Alternate colors across the nails for a skittle-inspired French manicure.

Almond French Tips

Short almond-shaped nails featuring glossy chocolate brown tips with gold foil flecks for a chic and luxurious appearance.

Mismatch French Mani

Mix-and-match manicure with chocolate and cream designs like smiley faces, swirls, daisies, and stars. Achievable with dotting tools and a steady hand or at a nail salon.

Ice Cream French Tips

Trending ice cream nails with drippy chocolate designs for a rich and playful twist on French tip nail art.

Ombre Cuticle Cutouts

Extend French tips towards cuticles in an ombre effect using various shades of brown. Creates a sophisticated cutout design.