7 Essential tips for leveling up your skincare game

Consider double cleansing

Most moderate face cleansers can't remove heavy makeup. This is where double cleaning comes in. After melting makeup with an oil-based product, use a mild cream-based cleanser to remove debris and oil.

Store your moisturizers

Some skincare products last longer in the fridge, and there's nothing like applying cooled moisturizer to freshly cleaned skin. Storage in a cold, dark atmosphere may help exfoliating acids stay stable.

Invest in reusable makeup

Cotton balls aren't eco-friendly and may irritate delicate skin, especially around the eyes. Replace them with reusable cotton pads that can be washed after mascara or makeup application.

Stop using makeup wipes

While handy, makeup wipes are bad for the skin. They contribute to clogged pores and don't remove dirt, oil, and makeup well. For a deeper clean, use a makeup wipe and micellar water.

Invest in a retinoid

Retinoids like prescription tretinoin and retinol are one of the few skincare components with scientific evidence that they improve skin and prevent aging. Look into over-the-counter retinol products

Wear sunscreen, all the time

One of the only scientifically validated skincare items to reduce UV damage and prevent aging is sunscreen. Apply it daily to your face, hands, arms, and other sun-exposed regions.

Don't skimp on moisturizer

Use moisturizer even if your skin is greasy. Though counterintuitive, omitting moisturizer increases skin oil production. There are now several oil-free moisturizers that won't clog pores