7 foods you should never eat at a hotel breakfast

Fruit seems healthy for breakfast, but in hotels, it can get contaminated easily. Bacteria on unwashed rinds of fruits like melons can spread inside and to other fruits, so be cautious.

Fruit salad

Avoid eggs left out at room temp; they get rubbery or watery. Always eat scrambled eggs hot or stored below 40°F or above 140°F to avoid bacteria.

Scrambled eggs

Avoid cold, cooked meat at hotel buffets if it's been sitting out for more than 2 hours. It could be unsafe to eat due to bacteria growth.

Pre-cooked meat

Hotel fried potatoes are usually disappointing because they're reheated in large batches, often not fully cooked or crispy. Hash browns are a better choice.

Fried potatoes

Love cereal in the morning? On holiday, it's fine, but consider energy levels. Cereals often have lots of sugar, spiking energy briefly but causing fatigue later. Opt for nuts and seeds or skip cereal to avoid hunger and high lunch costs.


Condiments like ketchup and jams, often left open at hotels for self-service, can easily get contaminated by guests touching them. Individual packets are safer to use.


Beverages left out of the fridge can grow bacteria. Milk and fresh juice at room temperature are risky. Packaged juice doesn t need refrigeration.

Milk and juice