7 Hot Pixie Bob a.k.a Bixie Haircut Examples for 2024

1. Classic Pixie Bob - A timeless style featuring longer layers on top with shorter, tapered sides and back, offering versatility and easy maintenance.

2. Textured Bixie Cut - Adding layers and texture to a pixie bob creates a modern, edgy look with movement and volume.

3. Asymmetrical Bixie - Embracing asymmetry with longer bangs on one side and shorter layers on the other adds personality and flair to a pixie bob haircut.

4. Shaggy Bixie - Incorporating shaggy layers and choppy bangs into a pixie bob creates a tousled, effortless style with a hint of rock 'n' roll chic.

5. Undercut Bixie - Adding an undercut to a pixie bob haircut creates contrast and edge, with shaved sides and longer layers on top for a bold statement.

6. Blunt Bixie - Opting for a blunt cut with minimal layering creates a sleek and polished look, perfect for those who prefer a more refined style.

7. Pixie Bob with Side Swept Bangs - Incorporating side-swept bangs into a pixie bob haircut adds softness and femininity, framing the face and creating a flattering silhouette.