7 Shiplap Fireplace Ideas for Any Style of Room

White Marble Fireplace

Use all-neutral decor to make your living space feel more cheerful. To avoid uniformity, use a cool-toned wood mantle to visually divide white shiplap from a white marble surround.

Gray Fireplace

Beige and ivory hues go well with a gray fireplace. For a unified color scheme, consider painting ceiling beams or trim a warmer tone to pair these hues with traditional white shiplap.

Classic White Shiplap Fireplace

White furniture gives a room a light, airy feel. Use shiplap to create a straightforward monotone appearance on the walls, ceiling, and fireplace.

Black Stone Fireplace

A striking black-marble fireplace will draw attention to it from every angle in the room. When a space is mostly white, use black hardware, décor, windows, and light fixtures to draw attention to the black stone.

Decorate with a Mirror

Put a beautiful ornamental mirror in place of the mantle to adorn your shiplap fireplace. Seek out big mirrors with elaborate frames. To make everything cohesive, try to find another place in your room

Faux Shiplap Fireplace

Try a look-alike shiplap if you're not quite ready to commit to putting shiplap around or above your fireplace just yet. Just as much texture and interest can be added to a wall by faux shiplap composed of wood

River Rock Fireplace and Rustic Shiplap

Rustic shiplap highlights a magnificent river rock fireplace. Paint the shiplap a few shades of off-white and then softly sand it to give it a patina. In line with the room's style