7 Sleep Hairstyles to Protect Your Hair While You Sleep

Pigtail Braids

Two braids create charming, delicate hair bends. The braids "keep the hair from getting all over the place and are a good way to maintain your hair if you already have waves." 

Twisted Topknots

Recommends putting Shu Uemura Ample Angora Volumizing Hair Mousse ($42) to damp, towel-dried hair and loosely twisting it "like a rope, and then twist it again, as if you are forming a bun, to create the topknot." You just need to tousle your hair in the morning.

Soft Bun

One high bun with a scrunchie to reduce hair damage. Sleeping in a bun or loose bun helps keep waves or curls. The morning hair is full of body, not messy. Sock buns add definition and bounce to hair.

French Braid

Starting behind your front hairline." Remember, you'll sleep in this manner, so looser and more comfy is best. Also, loosen elastics to avoid hair dents.


For girls with naturally coily hair, pineapple your hair by loosely gathering it at the top with a scrunchie to avoid crushing curls during sleeping. You can also wrap your hair clockwise or counterclockwise from the nape of the neck.

Heatless Curls

Start with a heatless curling ribbon or other cloth to wrap the hair. You may buy silky versions somewhere or use your bathrobe belt. Wear the item like a headband with your hair divided down the middle. 

Pin Curls

The pin-curl method is about as tried-and-true as it gets, having been a staple beauty technique in our grandmothers' arsenal and even long before that. In fact, once assembled you may be feeling yourself for the retro-glam vibes you're giving.