7 Small Backyard Ideas That Will Transform Even The Tiniest Of Spaces

Catch the Eye

Incorporating an island garden in the lawn makes a great focal point. Dress it up even more with bold, eye-catching ornaments or large containers.

Give Your Garden Space

A thin strip of lawn provides enough separation to create a view from your living area. Frame the view with small trees and shrubs and then paint the area with soft textures and colors.

Brighten Your Garden

This is one time that having a small garden is a real advantage because you can get a lot of impact from only a few well-chosen pieces.

Garden Space With Curves

Curving paths that partially obscure the view around them will optically expand your garden. Avid gardeners can wind their way throughout the yard, but even a single crescent will create intrigue.

Plants to Add Formality

One good pruning in the spring and a little touch-up mid-season is all it takes to make your home your castle. You can dress it up or down with seasonal pots of colorful flowers and furniture to suit your taste.

Containers to a "Garden"

A group of planters can delineate a small "garden," even without grass or yard space. Whether you are trying to create a sense of privacy or encourage neighbors to stop by and chat.

Vertical Garden Space

By training vines along the wall of the house and the adjoining fence, an intimate, yet opulent, dining space is created. This is especially useful if the only space you have to garden in is a tiny courtyard.