7 Valuable Things to Look for at Goodwill

Vintage Electronics

Vintage electronics, such as old radios, turntables, and gaming consoles, are popular among collectors. Look for items in working condition or those that can be easily repaired. 

Antique Furniture

Antique furniture is a treasure trove at Goodwill, often overlooked by casual shoppers. Solid wood pieces, especially those with intricate carvings or original hardware, can be quite valuable. 


Sterling silverware sets are a great find at Goodwill, often sold at a fraction of their value. Look for hallmarks that indicate genuine sterling silver, such as “925” or “Sterling.

Vintage Jewelry

Goodwill stores often have hidden gems in their jewelry cases, including vintage and costume jewelry. Look for pieces with genuine gemstones or precious metals. 

Art and Paintings

Original art and limited edition prints can be found at Goodwill. Look for signatures, edition numbers, and certificates of authenticity. Artwork from known or emerging artists can appreciate.

Pyrex and Vintage Glassware

Vintage Pyrex and other collectible glassware are popular among collectors. Look for unique patterns, colors, and intact sets. Pieces from limited production runs or special editions are particularly.

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments, especially vintage ones, can be valuable finds. Guitars, brass instruments, and string instruments from reputable brands are in high demand.