8 Best Low Maintenance Pets for Your Family


Easy to care for with a water bottle, food bowl, and hamster wheel. They eat pelleted food and greens every other day.

Betta Fish

Keep male Betta fish alone in a gallon of water with room at the top for breathing. Regular water changes maintain their health.

Guinea Pig

Social animals that enjoy interaction and do well in pairs. They need a cage, bedding, food, and water, and groom themselves.


Gentle and hypoallergenic, they need a well-ventilated cage, bedding, toys, and special food. Weekly dust baths are essential for clean fur.


Popular species like Painted Turtles require a terrarium and feeding a few times weekly. Temperature and habitat cleanliness are crucial.


Easy to care for with a properly sized tank, comfortable temperature, and regular feeding of mice, rats, or eggs.

Leopard Gecko

Beginner-friendly in a 15- to 20-gallon tank, needing spot cleaning daily and disinfection twice monthly. Feeds on crickets, and mealworms.


Depending on the type, birds can be low-maintenance and enjoy varied foods like seeds, nuts, pellets, and greens. They need a spacious cage.

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