8 Cool Animals You Can Own as Pets


Known for their adorable appearance and low maintenance, hedgehogs are solitary pets that are active at night.

Sugar Glider

These small marsupials are energetic and social, forming strong bonds with their owners. They require a specialized diet and a lot of social interaction.

Fennec Fox

With their large ears and playful demeanor, fennec foxes are becoming popular pets. They need a lot of space and socialization.


Often called the "walking fish," axolotls are actually amphibians that stay in their larval form throughout their lives. They're unique and relatively easy to care for.

Miniature Pig

Also known as teacup pigs, these pigs are intelligent and can be trained like dogs. They require space and proper socialization.


A wild cat native to Africa, servals are known for their striking appearance and active nature. They require a lot of space and a specialized diet.


Domesticated skunks can make surprisingly affectionate pets if descented. They require a lot of attention and a proper diet.

Capuchin Monkey

These intelligent monkeys are known for their dexterity and ability to learn tricks. They require a lot of attention, space, and mental stimulation.

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