8 Outdoor Living Room Ideas for an Epic At-Home Escape

Artful Outdoor Retreat: Dodson Interiors crafts a covered porch oasis with stainless steel appliances, elegant upholstery, and a captivating chandelier, seamlessly blending style and function for gracious outdoor entertaining.

Coastal Charm: Architect Kevin Asbacher enhances the loggia of a Florida oceanfront home with durable materials like plaster and natural stone, creating a spacious and elegant outdoor living space that withstands salt air.

Draped Elegance: Pamela Harvey employs Sunbrella performance fabric drapes to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces, providing shade and dimension in this inviting outdoor living room.

Natural Illumination: Architect Eric Olsen adorns his Los Angeles home's sunken terrace with woven globe lights, accentuating the 20-foot-high beams and infusing the space with a touch of natural ambiance.

Desert Chic: Michelle Boudreau incorporates desert-proof materials like metal cabinetry and quartz counters into this California hangout, ensuring durability and style in a sun-drenched environment.

Dramatic Vista: Sheldon Harte's lounge features a towering chimney and willow-and-steel pergola, framing vineyard views through dramatic 10-foot-tall "windows," creating an epic outdoor retreat.

Palm Beach Paradise: Landscape architect Keith Williams and Kemble Interiors transform a Palm Beach balcony into a private oasis with faux turf, native plants, and a putting green, offering a serene escape.

Lattice Luxury: Bethany Adams elevates her Louisville front porch with lattice, providing pattern and privacy without obstructing airflow, creating a welcoming and stylish outdoor space.