8 Perennial Flowers That Bloom All Summer

Nothing screams summer more than the tropical hues from coneflower, which thrives in well-drained soil and plenty of sun; low-maintenance and great for beginners, they pair well with black-eyed Susan or Shasta daisy for a vibrant garden.


Hummingbird mint is a drought and heat-tolerant perennial with mint-like foliage and colorful flower spikes, attracting bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds all summer and fall, thriving in zones 5-10.

Hummingbird Mint

Shasta daisies, with their fluffy white blooms, stiff green stems, and bright summer appeal, are perfect for small spaces or containers, making them a popular addition to cut-flower gardens.

Shasta Daisy

Tickseed offers bountiful flowers from summer through fall, making it one of the longest-blooming perennials; it’s ideal for cut-flower arrangements, containers, and small spaces, attracting pollinators.


Russian sage thrives in hot, dry gardens with troublesome soil conditions, displaying bright purple florets and icy-green foliage from mid-summer to early fall, and adding fragrance to hedges, pathways, and cottage gardens.

Russian Sage

Spike speedwell blooms from late spring to autumn with densely packed flower stems in vibrant blue and pink hues, making it an easy-care, deer-resistant addition to moon gardens or containers.

Spike Speedwell

The blanket flower features stunning crimson red, golden yellow, and bright orange blooms, thriving in hot, sunny gardens; it’s a long-blooming, deer-resistant plant ideal for beginners.

Blanket Flower

Cranesbill is a low-maintenance ground cover that blooms all summer, withstands substantial heat and drought, and comes in colors like pink, blue, purple, and white; it’s deer and pest resistant, perfect for rock gardens or pathways.