8 Pergola roof ideas to add shade, style, and interest to your garden set-up

Light-strung Arbour Roof

Adorn your pergola with strings of festoon lights to create a magical evening ambiance. Leah Tattersall from The Range highlights that lighting sets the mood and extends outdoor usability.

Living Roof with Climbers

Utilize climbing plants like honeysuckle or wisteria to create a natural, fragrant roof. Mairi Devlin from B&Q suggests using flower beds or large planters to encourage growth.

Classic Cross Beam Roof

A grid roof with thick base beams and thinner top beams offers classic beauty and allows sunlight to filter through. Add hanging baskets for extra charm and to support pollinators.

Waterproof Roof

Protect your outdoor space from unpredictable weather with a waterproof roof. Solid polycarbonate or corrugated plastic sheets provide durability and versatility.

Versatile Shutter Roof

Install shutters to control sunlight and airflow, offering shade and privacy. Leah Tattersall notes that shutters are a unique garden screening idea, enhancing your pergola's functionality.

Extend with an Awning

Add an awning to your pergola for additional shade and style. Lisa Cooper from Thomas Sanderson recommends awnings as a permanent shading solution, perfect for al-fresco dining.

Breezy Fabric Roof

Use outdoor curtains to create a cool, shaded area. James Ewens from Alexander Francis suggests hanging curtains from wires or rods, adding brightness with white fabric.

Bamboo Reed Roof

Roll bamboo reed fencing over your pergola for affordable shade and a laid-back, beachy vibe. This option is durable and filters light gently, complementing boho-inspired rattan furniture.

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