8 Places You Should Never Charge Your Phone


Airports provide areas where you may leave your phone to charge as well as banks of charging stations. But the risk comes in putting your trust in unidentified gadgets. According to Jason Glassberg, managing director of Casaba Security,

Train stations

"Juice jacking" is the practice of configuring USB ports to take data out of phones belonging to people that charge their phones via USB ports, according to Jack Vonder Heide


The alarm clock's USB connector can look useful. However, according to Glassberg, "a malevolent actor could set up the situation where you go and plug in your phone or device."

Rental Cars

These days, it's common to find public USB charging connections everywhere, including in rental automobiles. Stacey Clements, who provides cybersecurity advice to small businesses, adds,

Tourist Attractions

It can be alluring to use one of the public kiosks that are offered at many tourist destinations in case your phone dies while on vacation with your family.


If you utilize a public kiosk in the mall to charge your gadget, you're also inviting trouble. According to Rich Smith of Reege's Tech Reviews, "the USB charging hub can be connecting to your phone and send your contact list


Even while a library might seem like a safe place, you should still refrain from connecting your mobile devices to any USB connections that you are not in control of.

Coffee Shops

According to former Microsoft executive and cybersecurity specialist J. Eduardo Campos, thieves are placing covert readers and downloaders between the USB ports and the power sources at coffee shops