8 Stunning Industrial Kitchens for a City-Inspired Makeover

Thoughtful Details

This industrial kitchen features herringbone flooring and paneled cabinet doors. It avoids upper cabinets for a contemporary feel and to maintain an open, spacious atmosphere.

Industrial Kitchen

Many industrial kitchens highlight exposed brick walls, adding character to the space. Authentic materials like real brick, wood, and metal are emphasized to achieve an authentic industrial look.

Luxe Lighting in Kitchen

Lighting is crucial in industrial kitchens. The recommendation is bold pendant lights with metal finishes or vintage bulbs to enhance the industrial aesthetic, replacing bland.

Edison Bulbs Everywhere

Edison bulb-style lighting is a staple in industrial spaces. Simple hanging bulbs over the kitchen island add a factory-chic vibe to the kitchen.

Loft-Like Industrial Kitchen

This open kitchen in an industrial loft home promotes gatherings with its combined living room and kitchen in a spacious, loft-style open floor plan.

Wood Tones Galore

Incorporating natural wood, such as on cabinets and islands, adds a rustic touch to industrial kitchens. These spaces typically embrace neutrals and avoid clutter.

Multifunctional Beams

Exposed beams in industrial kitchens can double as support for hanging light fixtures. Globe-shaped pendants strike a balance between minimalistic and sculptural elements.

Factory-Like Ceiling

Statement lighting draws attention to the factory-style ceiling left exposed in this kitchen. An oversized wooden island and farmhouse-style lighting blend industrial and rustic aesthetics.