8 Unflattering Haircuts To Skip In 2024 For Women Over 40

The Extreme Pixie

Ultra-short, spiky pixie cuts can look harsh on women over 40, often adding years to your appearance. These styles need frequent maintenance to keep their edgy shape.

Super Long and Poker Straight

Long, straight hair can drag down the face and highlight fine lines. A slightly shorter length with layers adds volume and movement for a more youthful look.

Overly Textured Shags

Overly textured, unkempt shags may not be flattering for mature women. A modern shag with softer layers that frame the face offers a polished appearance.

Heavy Bangs

Heavy, blunt bangs can overwhelm the face as we age. Wispy, side-swept bangs provide a softer frame without overpowering your features.

Extreme Undercuts

Bold undercuts with shaved sections can be hard to maintain and grow out, especially for women over 40. These cuts require frequent salon visits for upkeep.

Severe Blunt Bob

A sharp, severe blunt bob might not flatter women over 40. A softer, layered bob adds movement and gracefully frames the face.

Uniform-Length Cuts

Cuts with the same length can appear dated and lack dimension. Layers or asymmetrical cuts add interest and volume, giving your hair more vitality.

Too Many Layers

Too many layers can create a messy look. Opt for well-blended layers that create a natural flow without overwhelming your hairstyle.