9 Fence Ideas For Your Southern Garden

Pick a Paneled Vinyl

Vinyl is amazing for sturdy, beautiful home cladding and garden fence. This homeowner added barn-door-style wire Xs for character.

Keep it Classic with Vinyl Picket

Similar to the original, but with less upkeep because of the sturdy vinyl. Get the ultimate picket fence appearance without needing a biannual paint job.

Stick to Natural Wood

The sensation of carefree, sun-kissed days spent in a hammock is embodied by natural wood. This design goes well with other wood components, like trees or furniture.

Make it Lush

Who said that your plants couldn't reach the garden fence? A typical hedge plant, such as boxwood or yew, can maximize the foliage and seclusion in your yard.

Respect the Timeless Style of Classic Wrought Iron

A fence made of wrought iron is always in vogue. Try experimenting with various finials the forms that go atop the rails to choose a look that works well for your garden.

Charm with White Metal

A traditional white wire fence exudes more Southern charm than anything made of wrought iron. Combine it with flowers that bloom slowly for a charming garden design.

Bring out the Vintage with a Picket Fence

Even though this typical picket fence is just three or four feet tall, it has a lot of charm for such a little package.

Cherish Rustic Charm

It doesn't get much easier than this wood fence. The wood's original color will be seen in the absence of wood stain. Choose spruce or pine wood for a lighter appearance. Cypress and redwood are great choices for deeper hues.

Install a Wood Trellis

A trellis serves as a barrier and a plant support simultaneously. Remember that your selected plant will need time to fill up the trellis, much like a hedge.