9 Healthy, Low-Sugar Soda Alternatives

Cherry Bubly

These fruit-flavored carbonated drinks have no added sugar or sweeteners and come in lime, strawberry, and grapefruit. Bubly offers drink for caffeine addicts.

La Croix Coconut

La Croix, the original carbonated water, has no calories, added sugars, or sugar alternatives. La Croix offers coffee and cola beverages in addition to fruit-flavored ones.

Blackberry Hint Sparkling Water

Hint sparkling water, available in numerous fruit flavors, aims to make people enjoy water. They provide their classic flavored still water, vitamin-enhanced, caffeine-infused, and kid-friendly packaged waters with straws.

AHA Lime + Watermelon

AHA sparkling water has distinctive flavors like blueberry + pomegranate and pineapple + passionfruit without sugars, calories, or salt. If you want energy, they provide caffeinated beverages with white, black, or green tea.

HOP WTR Classic

Hops-infused sparkling water HOP WTR is one of our more unusual choices. Beer's flavoring component! According to HOP WTR, their non-alcoholic beers include adaptogens and nootropics to reduce stress and boost cognition.

Spindrift Nojito

Spindrift employs little quantities of actual juice to flavor their exciting cocktails like lime + mint and pink lemonade. No added sugar and low calories per can from fruit juice. Spindrift also sells sugar-free spiked carbonated drinks.

Waterloo Orange Vanilla

Waterloo, with the slogan "water down nothing," tastes great without sugar or sweeteners. They are proud of their culinary creativity and attention to taste and scent. Waterloo uses filtered water to optimize pH.

Topo Chico Twist of Grapefruit

Topo Chico uses mineral water to make its fizzy drinks, thus they include some salt. This effervescent mineral water has a little calcium, unlike most of the other beverages on this list.

Sparkling Ice Grape Raspberry

Sweetness distinguishes this healthy soda option from others on our list. Sparkling Ice uses fruit juice and Splenda to sweeten their beverages without additional sugar. Sucralose may not cause gut health concerns like added sugar.