9 Indoor Flowering Plants Even Beginners Can Keep Alive

Hoya Carnosa

This hoya produces clusters of flowers rather than trailing vines of brilliantly variegated leaves like other houseplant hoyas. Its sphere-shaped flowers are usually bright pink.

Red Amaryllis

Fall-sold bulbs produce these gorgeous blooms. Place them in bright light too little light causes them to fall and keep the soil wet. Six weeks later, blooms persist a month or more.

Farms Begonia Plant

Usually grown outdoors, blooming begonias may flourish inside. We adore hanging begonia baskets in vacant corners for color. They can live in full sun but prefer shady.

Pink Anthurium

Its heart-shaped leaves and gorgeous red, pink, or white blossoms make this plant essential. The modified leaf blooms bloom for two months. This strong plant blooms nearly constantly.


Orchids that seem frail are not. With little maintenance, they bloom for months and survive for years. They like strong, indirect light from east or west windows. Weekly watering


Bromeliads are quirky pineapple-related plants. A stunning blossom, or bract, is its calling card. It requires strong, indirect light and water every one to two weeks.


This lovely plant brightens winter with its heart-shaped leaves and butterfly-like blossoms. Cyclamen like minimal moisture and bright, indirect light. Dormant like shamrocks.

Hirt's Gardens Cactus

Their exotic blossoms are white, coral, pink, or red. Some species bloom during Thanksgiving and Easter. They enjoy strong indirect light.

Pets Kalanchoe

This succulent features glossy green leaves and weeks-long red, yellow, pink, or orange flower clusters. It likes strong indirect light and drying out between waterings.