9 Powerful tips to raise smart kids

This is where your brain wheels start turning. Ask your child open-ended questions to help him build his confidence and ideas.

Talk to them from day one

Reading to your children and teaching them arithmetic at a young age will help them become mathematically proficient.

Crack the books early

Your child with the necessary help and solutions, but remember that you do not have to make him dependent on you instead, encourage them to do it independently.

Teach your kids to be a problem solver

Teach your children to be appreciative, and make them think that they are doing their best in everything. 

Practice gratitude

It provides a variety of mental advantages, including the development of brain cells and increased blood flow to the brain.

Encourage exercise and make your child do chores

Toddlers have keen brains. Their interest fades as kids become older unless it is nurtured and cultivated.

Encourage curiosity and exploration

Teaching your child to be sociable will help him learn how to handle conflicts with friends, listen without interrupting, and assist others, which is an excellent place to begin.

Do teach social skills

In today's age of helicopter parenting, parents are making their children handicapped by providing immediate assistance.

Don’t overprotect

Your youngster should not watch television before the age of two. Allowing your child to watch too much television distracts him from other vital pursuits. 

Limit your kid’s screen time