9 School Activities Parents Now Think Are Too Dangerous

Though tug of war is entertaining, parents should be worried if the rope can't endure both sides' stress. Rope breaking can permanently damage children's knees and limbs.

Tug of War

Dodgeball is fast-paced, so parents worry about concussions and other brain injuries. As for school petitions against the game, CBC says some call it legalized bullying.


The frozen snowball is as hard as a stone and can inflict head injuries! Parents are worried because some pupils hide stones in the "snowball."

Snowball Fights

Football scares parents more than gymnastics. Despite wearing helmets and other protective gear, high school and college sports cause 12 deaths annually. 

American Football

Without proper instruction, mixing chemicals may lead to poisonous fumes, fire, and explosive reactions that are deadly to children.

Unsupervised Chemistry Experiments

Parents aren't only afraid about high diving's heights. Diving from 20 or 10 meters into a pool may seriously injure children's lungs and hearing.

High Diving

Hockey is Business Insider's most deadly high school sport, with 25 deaths per million players. 

Ice Hockey

Children adore karate, judo, and taekwondo and beating their opponents. To parents' dismay, this is sometimes done by hitting other kids. 

Martial Arts

Many teachers use ‘trust falls’ to foster teamwork and encourage pupils to depend on each other.

Trust Falls