9 Summer Secrets to Achieve Radiant Skin

Defying the Sun

Choose sunscreen with SPF 30+ for UVB protection; ensure it's broad-spectrum for UVA/UVB coverage. Opt for water-resistant sunscreen and reapply every 2 hours.

Hydration Heroes All Throughout Summer

Use moisturizing mists or lightweight serums with hyaluronic acid or vitamin C. Hydrate internally with watermelon and cucumber.

Beat the Heat

Use cooling masks with yogurt or mint and chill toners and serums to rejuvenate. Use cucumber or aloe vera face mists for relief.

Nourishing from Within

Incorporate berries, nuts, and salmon into your diet for skin health; try recipes like berry smoothies, avocado toast, or kale salad for added benefits.

Sweat-Proof Makeup

Try oil-free primer with SPF and lightweight, water-resistant foundation or tinted moisturizer. For longer wear, set with translucent powder and add cream blush and eyeshadow.

Post-Sun TLC

Apply after-sun lotion with aloe vera or cucumber; make a soothing mask with yogurt and honey to calm and moisturize skin after sun exposure.

Unveiling Exfoliation Secrets

Exfoliate gently with sugar or coffee scrubs; avoid harsh exfoliants and opt for natural ingredients to improve skin texture.

Overnight Repair

Apply overnight skincare products with hyaluronic acid or retinol; use overnight masks for extra moisture and skin repair.

Holistic Sun Protection

Avoid peak sun hours, wear protective clothes, and use SPF 30+ broad-spectrum sunscreen everyday. Eat antioxidant-rich foods to protect skin from free radicals.