Banned in the USA: 10 Everyday Items We Can’t Have

This Scottish delicacy is banned because it contains sheep's lung, which the USDA prohibits due to safety concerns related to lung diseases in sheep


Unripe ackee fruit contains hypoglycin A, a toxin that can cause severe hypoglycemia, so its importation is restricted​

Ackee Fruit

The import of beluga caviar is banned to protect the endangered beluga sturgeon species

Beluga Caviar

Banned due to safrole, a compound found in the oil that is a known carcinogen​

Sassafras Oil

This Sardinian cheese, infested with live maggots, is banned for health reasons due to the risk of contamination​

Casu Marzu

Banned for many years, absinthe is now allowed in the U.S. if it contains less than 100 parts per million of thujone, a toxic chemical


This small songbird, a former French delicacy, is banned due to its status as a protected species​


The import of queen conch meat is banned to protect the species from overfishing​

Queen Conch

Some varieties are banned in certain European countries due to the presence of artificial food dyes Yellow 5 and Yellow 6, which have potential health risks​


Banned in some countries because it contains brominated vegetable oil (BVO) and Yellow 5, both linked to health issues​

Mountain Dew