Celebrities Who Are Actually Natural Blondes 

Angelina Jolie

Initially known for her blonde roles in films like Girl, Interrupted and Gone in 60 Seconds, Angelina Jolie later embraced brunette hues for her iconic appearances.

Mandy Moore

Starting her career with long, straight blonde hair, Mandy Moore transitioned to brunette shades, becoming a style icon with versatile hair transformations.

Christina Hendricks

Famous as the red-haired Joan Holloway in Mad Men, Christina Hendricks surprises many with her natural blonde roots, occasionally showcasing strawberry blonde on the red carpet.

Sophie Turner

Renowned as Sansa Stark with fiery red hair in Game of Thrones, Sophie Turner returned to her natural blonde after the show, exploring shades from champagne to honey blonde.

Sofía Vergara

Despite her signature brown locks, Sofía Vergara is a natural blonde, known for her warm, sun-kissed strands and sultry style.

Jennifer Lawrence

While celebrated for her roles with brunette hair, Jennifer Lawrence's natural blonde roots and versatile style shine through with occasional bleach-blonde transformations.

Margot Robbie

Known for her diverse roles and hair colors, Margot Robbie's natural blonde hair contrasts with her on-screen personas, from dark brown to bleached styles.

Deborah Ann Woll

Recognized for her role with vibrant red hair in True Blood, Deborah Ann Woll surprises fans with her natural blonde roots, occasionally opting for strawberry blonde hues on screen.