Coachella 2024: Photos of festival fashion

Leomie Anderson exudes elegance in a vintage Chanel ensemble, highlighting matching bra and gloves with ample skin exposure.

Chaz Gordon opts for thrifted pieces paired with Jaded brand shorts, drawing inspiration from Tyler, the Creator for a comfortable yet stylish look.

Luis Cervantes effortlessly blends playful masculine and feminine elements, expressing comfort within his own skin.

Brett Karabinos embraces a monochromatic cowboy fantasy, adorned with chains, a studded vest, and hat for a striking ensemble.

Angela Flores channels the vintage aesthetic of Hello Kitty, crafting an outfit inspired by the beloved Sanrio character.

Becca Quimbar stuns in a custom tube top, floral bell bottoms, and a self-made handcrafted hat at Coachella, radiating creativity and style.

Dagmara Puzio and Brielle Salamone sport matching white and orange ensembles, complete with bucket hats, showcasing a harmonious and fun fashion statement.