Common Thin Hair Mistakes Hairstylists Want You to Avoid

Using The Wrong Shampoo & Conditioner

Switching shampoo and conditioner for fine hair may help if your hair feels heavy. "Good volume starts in the shower," explains Percival. Using the correct shampoo and light conditioner is crucial.

Using The Wrong Blow-Dry Technique

Blow-drying may make or break delicate hair. "If you're blow-drying your hair, the first thing to remember is to use a good lightweight product like Percy & Reed Turn Up The Volume Volumnising Mousse the key is to get in from roots to end," Percival adds.


Back-brushing hair at the roots may lift it temporarily, but it might damage delicate hair. "Back-brushing disrupts the cuticle and breaks hair, making it finer," explains renowned hairdresser Lisa Carter.

Brushing Hair When It's Wet

Pulling a brush through damp hair may hurt and break it. Professional hairdresser Michelle Brace adds, "Fine hair is fragile and can be very tangled which can cause breakage." "A lot of the time I like to dry the hair off before brushing to give the hair the chance to regain strength."

Opting For A Block Hair Colour

One-color hair may make fine hair seem thinner. Strategic hair color placement, such as balayage highlights, creates contrast and makes hair seem fuller. "If you want hair to look thicker, having a contrasting colour underneath can be a great idea," Percival advises.

Styling Your Hair Straight

If you wear your hair straight, it may seem thinner. "Wearing your hair straight shows your scalp's natural oils quicker," he says. "Use products and procedures to bring out your natural wave or curl. Alternative: use a wand or tong to bend your hair. Thus, naturally