Could You Be Addicted to Exercise?

Addiction is psychological or physical dependence on a substance or habit. Exercise addiction is the desire to exercise despite its negative effects.

What is exercise addiction?

Dopamine is one of the joyful hormones your body produces. The pituitary gland releases endorphins, which reduce pain and boost pleasure.

Why is working out so addictive?

Do I exercise more for its feel-good effects? Do I miss other activities or skip social events to workout?

How do you detect exercise addiction?

That would be worse since you'd want to work out harder, she argues. Instead, reduce your workout days, hours, or intensity and work up.

Change your routine

Therapists can help you scale back and adjust your workout mindset.

Try talk therapy

Obsessive workout thoughts can be treated with SSRIs. They also aid comorbid eating disorder sufferers.

Consider medication