Encouraging Children to Try New Things

Give your kids a lot of books to read. Read aloud to your older child in turns, or make reading time a family activity where everyone gets to read a book. 

Urge him to voice his thoughts, share his emotions, and make decisions. He can choose his own extracurricular activities and a side dish to go with supper.

Celebrate your child's passions and urge her to learn more about the things that pique her curiosity.

As your kid grows, materials that promote unrestricted play, like blocks, will foster his ability to express himself creatively and solve problems.

Talk about the many methods you use to obtain new information, such as attending a night class in American literature or searching the Internet for gardening advice.

Instead of inquiring about his test scores or grades, find out what he is learning in school. Ask him to explain to you what he learnt in class today.

To help your kid feel in charge of her work, assist her in organizing her school papers and tasks. Should the assignment appear excessively difficult, she will worry instead of studying.

Your child may have an hour of video games after doing a book report, so reward them with something unique.

Transform routine occurrences into educational opportunities. Urge him to investigate the world around him, posing inquiries and drawing conclusions.