Never Overpay for Child Care Again With These 7 Tips

The average weekly childcare expense is $321, making child care feel like a second mortgage for parents. 

Tap into financial aid and government support

Family members may discover financial help and government support like jewels. Early Head Start provides early childhood education and a variety of services to low-income children.

Enjoy employer-sponsored dependent care

Employer-sponsored benefits like the Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (DCFSA) protect working parents financially.

Use the Child and Dependent Care Credit

Although not a daycare discount, this can drastically cut your tax burden due to your child care expenditures.

Consider a nanny share

Two or more families sharing a nanny can save a lot of money. This agreement offers individualized care and flexibility for half the usual $31,000 nanny fee. 

Explore co-op daycares

Think of co-op daycares as a community garden where everyone helps and appreciates the harvest. Parents rotate daycare management and caregiving chores. 

Look into in-home daycare

These home-based centers serve fewer children than standard centers, resulting in cheaper overhead and lower pricing for parents. 

Ask about flexible scheduling options

Scaffolding helps young children gain confidence while studying in early childhood education.