Summer 2024 Haircut Trends That Hold Up In The Sweltering Heat

Bell-Bottom Bob

Meet the bell-bottom bob, a chic update on the classic bob. Hairstylist Tom Smith describes it as a one-length bob sitting between the chin and shoulders. Perfect for a summer refresh.

Choppy Bangs

Choppy bangs are the ultimate cool factor. Stylist Jacelyn Bautista loves their customizable nature. They're ideal if you're considering full, blunt bangs in the future.

Hourglass Layers

Channel quiet luxury with hourglass layers. Tom Smith recommends this waist-length style for its fluid shape. It's a minimalist, expensive-looking cut that flatters your figure.

Pixie Cuts

Escape summer heat with a trendy pixie cut. Opt for a shaggy or tight choppy crop. Bautista notes this gamine style is low-maintenance but needs trims every six to eight weeks.

Mid-Length Cuts

Mid-length cuts are perfect for those undecided on hair length. Stylist Jacelyn Bautista says it's a great transition style, offering versatility without the commitment of long hair.

Soft Curtain Bangs

Soft curtain bangs are universally flattering. They frame your face, hitting at the cheekbone or jawline. Easy to grow out, this style is a great entry point for those new to bangs.