The 9 Worst Fast-Food Milkshakes of All Time, Says Dietitian

If you're going to Burger King and want a milkshake, avoid the Chocolate Oreo Shake. This menu item includes almost as much saturated fat as you're intended to eat in a full day, and its 91 grams of sugar are roughly three times

Burger King Chocolate Oreo Shake

Not only does the Hardee's Chocolate Shake nearly twice your recommended daily saturated fat limit, but it also contains 1.5 grams of trans fat. 

Hardee's Chocolate Shake

BurgerFi Peanut Butter Shakes are tasty but not healthy. This smoothie may not be worth it with half your daily calories, two times your sugar limit, and twice your saturated fat limit.

BurgerFi Peanut Butter Shake

Though low in total and saturated fat, McDonald's big Chocolate Shake has 106 grams of sugar and should be avoided.

McDonald's Chocolate Shake

Unfortunately, the Jack in the Box Oreo Shake lacks nutrients. Given how simple it is to combine this shake with fries or a burger, the additional saturated fat, sugar, and one gram of trans fat aren't ideal.

Jack in the Box Oreo Shake

A single Arby's Chocolate Shake packs an alarming quantity of sugar. At 140 grams of sugar, this drink has more sugar than a pint of Ben & Jerry's Phish Food Ice Cream.

Arby's Chocolate Shake

It's safe to say that no one goes to Dairy Queen with the aim of eating "healthy," but if you're looking for a treat, you might want to pass on the Peanut Butter Shake. 

Dairy Queen Peanut Butter Shake

While your overall number of calories per day is determined by your particular needs, so there is no hard and fast "limit," it's safe to say that only one of these Culver's shakes gets quite near to the number of calories we should strive for each day.

Culver's Peanut Butter Shake

The Chocolate Shake from White Castle contains the highest sugar of any fast-food milkshake on our list, at over 200 grams per large size. 

White Castle Chocolate Shake