The Best Time to Visit Congaree National Park

Located 30 minutes from downtown Columbia, South Carolina, the 26,276-acre Congaree National Park is a scenic, year-round destination for hikers, paddlers, anglers, and campers seeking adventures in its dense woodlands and flowing rivers.


In the summer, particularly in July and August, when temperatures climb into the high 90s Fahrenheit and the heat index often rises beyond 100 Fahrenheit, be ready for hot and muggy conditions.


The summer months, when it's hottest and humidest, are the park's busiest travel times. If you're going at this time of year, try to get there early to get a parking spot and avoid the sweltering heat and congestion.


March through May might be one of the greatest months to visit the park because of the pleasant yet temperate weather and the blossoming trees and flowers, such as dogwoods, camellias, and Carolina jessamine.


Everyday highs and lows range from the mid 90s to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. High humidity levels may cause the heat index to become close to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.


The ideal time to visit Congaree is in the fall and autumn. Even though September might be warm, October and November typically have reduced humidity and daily highs in the 70s F.


December through February are pleasant winter months, with daytime highs in the mid-50s Fahrenheit. When camping overnight, be prepared since nighttime temperatures might drop below freezing.