These 8 Low-Maintenance Houseplants Can Survive Almost Anything

Cuddly Cactus

This little variety of cactus lives true to its name because it is sun-loving and drought-tolerant. It's perfect for homes with inquisitive kids and pets since, unlike most of its cousins, it lacks sharp spines.

Bromeliad Vriesea Intenso Orange

This bromeliad kind adds color to your collection of greens and is much easier to maintain than most indoor flowering plants. It sprouts a vivid center spike. It's safe for dogs and harmless as well.

Kalanchoe Flapjack

The tasty name of this bite-sized succulent comes from the way its leaves mimic pancakes. It can, however, grow to be more than 12 inches tall, so it's not always a little stack.

Preserved Fern Kokedama

All the advantages of a real plant, such as appearance and texture, are provided by a genuine fern that has been naturally preserved, but without the upkeep. Never water it, and keep it out of direct sunlight.

Boston Fern

This fern is an excellent choice for a kitchen or bathroom plant because it requires more humidity than sunlight. This explains why it's always hanging on front porches in the South, where the weather is warm and the light is shaded.

Money Tree

In need of some luck? Although it's said that growing a money tree can bring prosperity, growing one won't require good fortune. All it needs is bright, indirect light, and periodic turning to ensure even growth.

String of Pearls

Its name is so adorable, how could you resist buying it? With plenty of light, this elegantly necklace-like vining succulent grows quickly.

Aloe Vera

This elegant succulent requires very little maintenance. When it's mostly dry, give your aloe vera plant water once a week or two and bright, indirect light.