Try These Ab Workouts to Strengthen Your Core

The most well-known ab workout is probably the crunch, which is a twist on the sit-up. To keep back and neck problems from getting worse, be careful not to make them worse when you do them.


Tabletop crunches are a twist on the crunch exercise. You do them while keeping both legs in a "tabletop" position, which means them are off the ground and your knees are bent 90 degrees, like your feet are on a tabletop.

Tabletop crunches

After mastering the initial two crunches, add core exercises and upper and lower body work to make them harder. Bicycle crunches develop your core and spine with rotation.

Bicycle Crunches

Planks are a great core workout because you keep a neutral spine, Lawton explains. You're using several body parts. Upper body, glute, and lower body strength are involved.


A hollow hold may appear ridiculous, but it works your abs and needs upper- and lower-body power. The hold aspect of this exercise may need more practice, but that's the goal.

Hollow Hold

Despite its strange name, the dead bug exercise is a great way to strengthen your abs and work out your whole body through movement. It may take a little while to get the hang of at first.

Dead Bug