Why Some Bees Are Endangered and What We Can Do to Help

Threats to Bees

Bees are threatened in the US in several ways. Most are human-made and caused by bad urban planning and unchecked industrialization. 

Habitat Loss and Big Agriculture

Large commercial farms have eliminated agricultural diversity and bee habitats with Big Ag. 

Climate Crisis

Higher temperatures, greater precipitation, and shorter springs disrupt bees' lives. 

Colony Collapse Disorder

Parasites, disease, genetics, poor nutrition, chemical exposure, and unsustainable farming practices that don't allow bees a protected foraging area are all factors. 

Our Most Important Pollinators 

Bees vary. Bumblebees are key pollinators of blueberries, cranberries, and clovers, and one of the only insect pollinators of tomatoes. 

What We Can Do

You may aid bees and their habitats by creating a bee-friendly garden or doing community science.